The three sectional staff is a flexible weapon.  It is basically a normal stave of either rattan or white wax wood cut into three equal lengths and connected by chains.  The three sectional staff or triple stick is one of the most advanced Chinese weapons.  Because it is a flexible weapon the pieces can and do go in all sorts of unpredictable directions if the exponent loses concentration or makes a mistake due to a lack of skill.  Students learning the triple stick often end up with quite a few bruises!

The triple stick is versatile and lethal in the hands of an expert.  It can go from being a long-range weapon to paired close fighting in a flash.  When fighting paired weapons the center section provides an extra option for defenses enabling counter-attacks.   The triple stick is difficult to block because the end section can flip over and strike if the center is blocked and center can fold in and thrust  if one end is blocked.  The three sectional staff is a very aggressive and fast attacking weapon.

This form probably shows the ultimate athletic expression of the Northern Shaolin system with two splits, ground rolling and wild amounts of twirling and spinning techniques.  The Northern Shaolin Triple stick is highly regarded as a very advanced form and worthy of the effort it takes to learn.