This is an awesome form.  The Northern Shaolin practitioner holds a saber in each hand and becomes a whirling blender o’ death.  A single saber is a spirited energetic weapon; with two sabers that energy moves exponentially to the next level.  The sabers whip around the body in rolling cascades.  Rapid advance and retreating steps are perfectly coordinated with each cut.   This form was taught by Sifu Wong Jackman to only his most advanced and worthy Northern Shaolin students.  Truly few people ever learned this form.  Those that did loved it and really worked hard to master it.

This Form also has the ground rolling technique where the person dives thru the air rolls forward (without using the hands which are holding sabers) and then rolls backward onto the ground.  Now while on the ground and rolling in a circle using the feet to kick and parry the Northern Shaolin expert performs cuts in all directions.  From there they kip up without using their hands!  That’s athletic and showy enough for most folks.  You can see when we say expert level we aren’t kidding around.  If there is one style that takes it the highest level of nimbleness that would be Northern Shaolin and this is one of the forms where you see it.  Of course there is a Tornado kick out of deep horse stance with both sabers tucked behind your back!

The actual saber cuts in this form are actually quite complicated.  They are more complicated than either the double straight swords or the hook swords.  Because of this the double sabers  or double broadswords are considered to the most difficult of the three paired weapons.