Eight Directions Saber is from the Northern Shaolin System.  Eight Directions Saber was taught by Sifu Wong Jackman to his Northern Shaolin Students.  This is a classic combat oriented Chinese martial arts style of saber.  Although it does have a few flashy, or showy, moves the percentage of simple and practical moves is very high.  Eight Directions Saber is a work horse form designed to train important techniques with many reps and combinations of foundation techniques.

One of the interesting things about this form is that it really does work all eight directions.  Most Chinese martial arts forms do not train in patterns with lines going to all eight directions.  Most Kung Fu forms travel back and forth along a single line.  Or they may add a second line at right angles to the the first line, or occasionally a diagonal line or two.

Some of the foundation moves of Eight Directions Saber include twirling, slashing, blocking, wrapping, thrusting, drawing and striking with the pommel.

This is an excellent form to begin learning Saber.  If one had to stake their life on their saber skills this is a great form to train a 1,000 times with a heavy saber.  If you want to win forms competitions at tournaments perhaps another form might be better.  It is a great form, but it is not as flashy  a form as some others.