The Dragon Phoenix Sword Style is a famous and rare style of swordsmanship from Wu Dang Mountain. Wu Dang mountain was the Taoist equivalent of the Shaolin temple. It was a major center of martial arts practice in China with people from all over China studying and training there.  Sifu Wong Jackman taught this form to his Northern Shaolin students who wanted to learn a straight sword.  Sifu Wong also taught this form as a second straight sword form to his Tai  Chi students who wanted another sword form.

The Dragon Phoenix Sword Form is outstanding.  Long and complicated, it is nonetheless filled with extremely practical movements that express a very pure straight sword essence.  There are techniques that use deception and sudden reverses to win.  There are moves using considerable flexibility especially in the back to create an unexpected defense.  There are very practical sequences of multiple blocks or parries designed to defeat the multiple thrusts of an aggressively attacking opponent.  There are rapid and aggressive thrusting sequences designed to penetrate the opponents’ defense.  There are strength and balance moves like the crane dip and moves to fight many opponents at once.  With everything from low dragon stances to long leaps and flying kicks the footwork is lively, varied and extremely agile.  A number of kicking techniques are also seamlessly integrated into the form.  This form also uses the empty hand both for attack and defense and also for pressing acupuncture points on the practitioners own body to reduce fatigue and improve wind.

When using a real sword at just the point where ones right arm is becoming exhausted there is an entire section done with the sword in the left hand!  This gives the right arm a rest and when you suddenly switch hands in mid leap you are again ready for your right arm to continue!  Many people watching a skilled person perform this form don’t realize the hand using the sword switched for about 15 moves!