Become a Weapons Master!

On an ancient battlefield everyone was armed!
Often with multiple weapons!
No one wanted to get caught empty handed!
In traditional Kung Fu most of your training time was devoted to weapons.  And with good reason!

Many martial arts students have trained for years and never learned a weapon.  In many styles the only weapons taught are at Black Belt level and the choices are very limited.  Often only staff or converted farm implements.

Learning classical weapons styles designed for battlefield supremacy and dueling survival is totally different.  These systems are deep in content, beautiful in choreography, athletically challenging, and rich in historical and cultural value.

This is the ultimate form of exercise and self cultivation.

Three Grades are available in each weapon. Exams are held every four months.  At every Exam students test for new ranking in weapons skills.  When you pass an exam and earn one of the following weapons grades you will receive a beautiful certificate bearing Sifu Jensen’s signature and personal seal as well as the official seal for the school.  The certificate will look impressive on your wall!

When you have learned the Form for that weapon and can perform the sequence from memory you will be eligible for the grade Completion.
The Second grade is Skill.  This requires practicing and reviewing all  the movements and improving them and performing them with crystal clarity.
The Third grade is Expert. To receive the ranking of Expert you must have also learned the two person forms associated with this weapon.  The movements must be performed at full  speed with proper intensity and expression of power.
Earn Eight Expert Grades and be awarded the title
“Weapons Master”