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#1 Understanding Qi Gong Ebook will give you clear and concrete information to help you understand what exactly Qi Gong is and how it improves your health!

Why Listen to Me?
What is Qi Gong?
Types of Qi Gong
Goals and Methods of Qi Gong
Align and balance the structure of the body
Open and mobilize the joints
Move in a harmonious way that does not strain the joints, tendons or ligaments.
4. Circulate, Cleanse, and Store the Blood and the Qi.
5. Promote Inner Balance and Mental Calmness

#2  Essential Concepts of Qi Gong:

Learn more in your next eBook: “Essential Concepts of Qi Gong”

In this book you’ll deepen your understanding Qi Gong by learning the following key concepts of Qi Gong!

The Qi is the Commander of the Blood.
The Blood is Mother of the Qi.
Pre-Birth Qi  and Post Birth Qi
Breathing during Qi Gong
Concentration during Qi Gong
Absorbing Qi
The most important Secret!

Try Qi gong by attending a class!

#3  Practical Instructions For Starting Qi Gong Practice

In your next e-Book, you’ll gain practical instructions for your Qi Gong practice.

Practical Instructions For Starting Qi Gong Practice

In this ebook you’ll gain the practical tips you need to start practicing Qi Gong!

Progressing in Qi Gong
Power Spot
Classic Tips for Safe Practice
11 Loosening and Warming Up Exercises
Yin Standing Qi Gong Overview
Yin Standing Qi Gong Instructions
Foundation Body Mechanics
Exercise #1  Shifting the weight
Exercise #2  Rotating the Pelvis
Exercise #3  Shifting the Weight and Rotating the Pelvis
Excellent Health Benefits of Good Body Mechanics
Pre-Birth Qi Gong Overview
4 Levels of Pre Birth Qi Gong Instructions
Excellent Health Benefits of Pre-Birth Qi Gong