The heart of the Northern Shaolin Kung Fu System are ten long sequences of movements practiced without weapons.  These are called the Ten Forms.  These forms are an encyclopedia of the most dangerous and effective Kung Fu techniques ever created.  The techniques cover every branch of unarmed combat including striking, kicking, locking the joints, striking vital points, ground fighting, and throwing.  Because the Northern Shaolin forms are either intermediate or advanced in nature three supplementary forms are taught.  These forms are used to help prepare a new student for the Ten Core forms.  They are named Tan Teui, Or Springy Legs, Lian Bu, or Continuous Steps, and Xiao Yuan, or Small Circles.

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu has six elements:

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Foundation Training – Foundation training means building the foundation of your Kung Fu.  Foundation training includes stretching exercises, strengthening exercises, stance and footwork training, leaping and tumbling drills, striking drills, and kicking drills.  The Muscle Tendon Changing Exercises are the quintessential foundation of Northern Shaolin.  Because of the combination of breathing, stretching, and Qi cultivation the Muscle Tendon Changing Classic deeply transforms the body; that is the real foundation.  However, the basic techniques of the art also need to be practiced and developed to a high degree.  Practicing kicks outside of the forms in kicking drills is especially helpful, fun, and necessary.  Our Kung fu Fitness program is based on traditional Northern Shaolin Kung Fu foundation training

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Empty Hand Forms – Empty Hand Forms are the core of the Northern Shaolin.  Empty Hand forms are sequences of movements utilizing precise body position to practice the offensive and defensive techniques of Northern Shaolin.  The art of Northern Shaolin is built around the Ten Forms.  These forms have a long and amazing history.   They are famous for their fighting effectiveness, extreme athleticism, beauty, and essentially classic Kung Fu style.  This is an awesome body of material.  Complex, yet internally coherent, profoundly structured, and directly executed these forms are an encyclopedia of the best of the best of the Shaolin Temple.

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Weapon Forms – Weapon Forms are sequences of movements practiced while holding a weapon.  Each form contains all the techniques of an entire style of weapons fighting.  Each of these forms is one that you could stake your life on in an ancient Chinese battlefield.  These are elite level forms that develop a high level skill in weapons use.

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Two Person Drills and Free Sparring – Two Person drills are exercises done with a partner to develop skill in applying specific techniques or learning general self-defense skills like dodging.  Free sparring with a competitive partner develops your real fighting ability and brings all of the other elements together.

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Two Person Forms –Two Person Forms are routines practiced with a partner.  In these forms the partners alternate roles of offense and defense.  Using skillful evasions to create the opportunities for victory makes these forms fun and a vital bridge between solo forms and free sparring.

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Two Person Weapons Forms – Two person weapons forms help students learn how to really apply the movements in the weapons forms and understand how to use their weapons.  The are also fantastic for developing bravery, focus, and hand to eye coordination.  These forms are also very fun and exciting to practice and watch.