Lohan Style of Kung Fu

The Double Daggers versus Empty hand sparring form is exciting and challenging. In this form one person starts out with a pair of daggers and the other person has none, just their empty hands. Soon the empty hand person manages to disarm both daggers from their partner. But then each person picks one dagger up after dramatic rolls. Then the fight is on again with each person having one dagger. Then one person gets the dagger kicked out of their hand and then the other is forced to drop theirs. Then no one has a dagger! The form finishes with exciting empty hand moves using the full range of Northern style fighting with throws, dog boxing ground fighting, flying kicks. What an exciting close to a fast paced form. The ending clearly shows this form is from Lohan because it uses many of the closing moves from Lohan #2. The most important part of this form is the disarms. Taking away the dagger from the other person is the key skill to learn from this form. That is why there are so many disarms in the form. This form is a bit theatrical. Some of the moves might be pretty tricky to use in a real fight! But they make it really fun to practice. Its also flashy and fun to watch!