Northern Shaolin – A Typical Class!

In a typical Lineage arts class in Northern Shaolin you’ll focus on learning the Hand Forms of Northern Shaolin.  In this class everyone breaks up into small groups or individually and practices the movements and sequences they have already learned.  The class looks really cool because as you look around the room everyone is doing different things.  The more advanced students will be doing some very dynamic choreography and the beginning students will be focusing on the classic starting postures and forms.  Because Northern Shaolin is such a dynamic, elegant, and beautiful style it is really a pleasure to watch what everyone is doing.

Starting with the newest students I work my way around the room.  When it is your turn I will watch some of the moves you already know and then teach you new movements.  Some people learn movements  faster than others.  Learning movements is a skill that improves with practice like any other.  Students with previous experience learning choreography like dancers are often faster.  However, it really doesn’t matter whether you are fast or slow.  What really matters is doing your best.  Then you’ll definitely learn and progress.  Newer students will learn three to five movements each class on average.

Then when I have finished teaching you these movements you’ll spend the remaining part of the class practicing them.  Your goal each class will be to practice the new moves enough to remember them when you leave so you can practice them outside of class if you wish.

I am a generous teacher and I push people to excel.  Some teachers dole out moves very slowly. I am not one of those teachers.  I have a lot to teach and like to have knowledgeable and skillful students who will someday become masters in their own right.  Therefore, I teach people as quickly as is practical for each individual given the time available.