CTA for Northern Shaolin eBook #1

#1  What is Northern Shaolin?

In this exciting eBook you’ll learn what Northern Shaolin is including the following information:

What is Northern Shaolin Kung Fu?

Leg Skills of Northern Shaolin:
Low Kicks
High Kicks
Flying Kicks
Deep Stances
High Leaps
Low Sweeps

The Diverse Hand Techniques Of Northern Shaolin

What are Forms?
Hand Forms of Northern Shaolin
Weapons Forms of Northern Shaolin
Two Person Forms of Northern Shaolin

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting!
Sparring and Self Defense Drills of Northern Shaolin


CTA for Northern Shaolin eBooks #2 & 3

continuing in this series of eBooks will be

Northern Shaolin eBook #2 – How to earn a Black Sash – Your guide to Kung Fu Mastery

This ebook will explain clearly what you need to do and learn to reach each sash and eventually earn a black sash in Northern Shaolin.  Each sash has a clear description of the requirements.  In addition, there are helpful charts and check lists including Sash Levels, Sparring Drills of Northern Shaolin and Leg Skills of Northern Shaolin.  These documents will guide your study progress and mastery of Northern Shaolin.

Northern Shaolin eBook #3 – Essential Insights in Northern Shaolin

This eBook explains many fundamental ideas about Chinese Kung Fu and the styles of Northern Shaolin.  You’ll learn more about the history of Northern Shaolin and the Shaolin Temple. You’ll also get great tips on how to succeed in your studies, how to prepare for class, how to get the most out of class, and proper behavior in class.

You’ll also learn about important figures in Chinese Philosophy such as Kwan Gong, Confucius, and Lao Tzu. (perhaps in a separate eBook)