Six Harmonies or Six Coordinations is the main form of Six Coordinations system and is taught as a transition between the shorter and longer Northern Shaolin forms for two reasons. The first is because Six Coordinations is of intermediate length. The second is because Six Coordination’s many spirals and method of moving the body help to coordinate and develop whole body power as well as Qi.

Six Coordinations developed from Northern Shaolin and later Xing Yi Quan, another Chinese martial art famous for its powerful straight forward style of punching and connection to the theory of the five elements, evolved from Six Coordinations. Thus, people find both elements of Xing Yi Quan and Northern Shaolin in Six Coordinations.

Wan Lai Sheng was the most famous recent exponent of this style. He was very famous as a fighter in China and transmitted this form to the Ching Wu Association and Central Guo Shu Academy.