Lohan #4  Buddha Palm Style of Kung Fu

If you studied Northern Shaolin with Sifu Wong Jackman this might very be the last hand form in the art that you learned.

Lohan #4 is one of the most difficult advanced forms taught by Sifu Wong Jackman rivaled only by forms like Northern Shaolin #1, 3 or 10.

In terms of advanced kicking combinations only Northern Shaolin #1 can be said to rival Lohan #4.  Both forms are so complex, difficult and advanced, it’s really hard to decide which one is the most difficult or advanced.  Both are so hard, few people can perform them.  Northern Shaolin #1 “Enter the Gate” focuses on kicks and has more kicks and fewer hand techniques.  Lohan #4 begins with many diverse and powerful strikes and finishes with incredibly dynamic kicking.

Lohan #4 contains amazing flying kick combinations including combinations of ground sweeps and then flying kicks like the Butterfly or Swallow kick.

Like Lohan #2, Lo Han #4 uses the Jaguar fist many times.  Lo Han #4 also uses the Phoenix Eye fist for a powerful temple strike.

Like Lohan #3, Lo Han #4 uses many spinning, smashing punches in attacking and defending sequences.

The choreography of this form makes one want to surge forward aggressively smashing, punching, and kicking your way thru a mountain of adversaries.

This form feels like driving a nail with a jackhammer.  The nail is definitely going in but the wall may be coming down too!