Lohan #2 Buddha Palm Style of Kung Fu
Lohan #2 is twice the length of Lohan #1 and is also a fierce attacking form. Lo Han #2
explodes with huge tornado kicks, many of the sweeping, smashing punches from
Lohan #1, and a unique series of retreating attacks to finish the form.
The real focus of Lohan #2 is on developing combinations, and timing variations,
striking with the Jaguar Fist. This fierce strike to the throat is deadly. Although not
every move in this form is a Jaguar move, there are so many Jaguar moves, you can
easily think of Lohan #2 as a Jaguar form if you like. These techniques inspired the
moves in the Animal Power Jaguar.
Lohan #2 also contains one of the only clear head butts in any of the forms taught by
Sifu Wong Jackman. Other favorite sections are the flurries of palm strikes near the
beginning and the flying elbow strikes.
Lohan #2 is an expert level form with practical, deadly moves not to be trifled with. Few
students ever learnt this form from Sifu Wong Jackman.