Northern Shaolin #7: Plum Blossom – Mei Hua

Beautiful and Deadly

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu#7 Plum Blossom is one of the most beautifully choreographed forms in the system. With a balanced design, #7 Plum Blossom features many double arm movements opening outwards.  These double arm movements are used to defend against an opponents attacks and open their defenses for a counter attack.  Many of these techniques are useful counters to grappling attacks. They also remind one of a flower opening.

Esthetic and Challenging

This form has about forty moves and takes two or more months to learn. Plum Blossom contains a number of difficult balance moves, which although beautiful, make it a challenging form to execute.  It also has two Tornado Kicks, one landing in a Low Stance and the other in a Sixty Forty Stance.  There is also a Double Toe Kick landing with a step back into a bow stance.

This Form Will Test Your Balance!

Although this form is beautiful to watch and fun to perform it is hard for an intermediate student to compete with.  When you’re competing and their are judges staring at you and lots of competitors it’s easy to get nervous.  When you get nervous it can be difficult to hit some of the balance moves.  if you blow them you loose points.  So if you compete with this form you really need to make sure you are prepared.  Then if you are it is a hard form to beat.