The Art of Northern Shaolin


Northern Shaolin Artists

Embody and Express Their Art.

Northern Shaolin is an art

of movement and being,

found in fighting and forms. 


Without forms, one has

no technique, and no body method. 


Without fighting experience,

ones forms will be empty.

Practicing the forms,


seeking to perfect the forms,


they perfect their body and movement.

The art of Northern Shaolin is found in

vibrantly living in harmony. 


Achieving robust health,

resilient emotions,

and a calm mind. 


Living a long, productive life, helping others,

and protecting those close to you.

There are three levels

of forms in Northern Shaolin:



Starting point for greatness



The Ten Core Forms of Northern Shaolin



Master Level Forms

supplement the Core Forms

Northern Shaolin forms are amongst the

most athletic, impressive and artistic

training routines of all martial arts. 

The forms of Northern Shaolin both

look cool and feel great to practice.