Rising Block Spear comes from the Northern Shaolin system taught by Sifu Wong Jackman.  It is a pure expression of then Northern Shaolin Style.  Sifu Wong Jackman taught this form as the first spear form that students would learn.  This form is so good few ever wanted to learn another.

It has a number of dramatic movements like tossing the spear behind the back and forward over the shoulder and then catching it with the same hand after taking a long step forward.  Or performing Tornado, or Butterfly kicks with the spear in one hand thrusting in the opposite direction of the kick. These difficult techniques are modified for beginners learning the form.

If the advanced student has the athleticism to handle it this form is awesome to demonstrate with all of the moves done with to full expression.  Grandmaster Ku Yu Jeong was famous for his demonstrations of this form.  The Rising Block Spear form is short in comparison to other weapons forms (about 60 moves long).

The Rising Block Spear, although from Northern Shaolin has some sections reminiscent of Xing Yi Quan because of their linear attacking strategy. The Rising Block Spear is particularly noteworthy because of its extensive use of the Rising Block.  Which is simultaneously used for defending oneself and creating an opening in the opponent’s defense.

The spear, like the straight sword, makes use of many spiraling techniques and helps to focus the internal spirals within the body. In the Rising Block Spear form, the weapon is held primarily with support from the left hand and guidance from the right. This gives the left arm a good workout and balances the exertion found in the staff form that uses the right hand for support. The Rising Block Spear is excellent for opening up the shoulder blades and rotating the hips and shoulders in unity with the spine. This form makes extensive use of the Twisted Horse Stance.