Double Daggers is another classic Kung Fu weapon. In general the Kung Fu daggers are a back up weapon.  No one walked out onto the battlefield with Daggers as their main or only weapon.  Daggers would be carried as a back up weapon in case their primary weapon broke.  Daggers would also be carried as a concealed weapon in the city.

Daggers are very short and have no range whatsoever.  Daggers can only be used at close range.  Daggers are thus useful in small spaces such as indoors, on a boat, or in a narrow alley.  There are really only two techniques with daggers stabbing and slashing.  Stabbing is very deadly and slashing is not as deadly.  Therefore, stabbing is the major offensive technique.

If the dagger person is fighting a longer weapon they are at a huge disadvantage until they can close.  If they can close they may have an advantage.  Thus the dagger person is usually on the defensive and it is not easy to defend with daggers.  Daggers are small so any blocks or parries need to be very accurate.  In addition, the daggers are not strong enough to block powerful swinging strikes.  Therefore the dagger person is usually very, very active with twisting, ducking, leaping, and rolling.  Daggers are well suited to very small agile people.  Very small people present a small target to begin with so they are harder to hit.  Small people are also the best suited to acrobatics and leaping and they are quick.  This also makes them hard to hit.  Small people are dangerous when the get in very close with daggers.

If a very small lady pulls out double daggers and she is really mad and knows what she is doing you had better get ready for a real fight!