The moment of truth occurs when you must fight to defend yourself or others.

At this moment you know if what you have been taught and the skills you think you have are in fact true, and real, or false, and worthless.

We hope we never face situations where people can die, or be severely injured, and we must rely on our martial skills and courage.

To be ready to face a violent situation you need to prepare yourself.

You need to prepare yourself by practicing with partners.

First learning basic defensive skills, then striking and kicking, then locks, throws and ground fighting.

Practicing partner drills, two person forms, and free sparring regularly you gain confidence in your abilities by actually using them.

As your confidence and experience grow, your courage and maturity grow as well. Strengthening your character, you achieve greater success and harmony in your life.

With a good teacher you can begin to gain defense skills quickly.  To become a skilled Northern Shaolin Artist takes dedication and commitment, but is truly worth it.