Kung Fu Leaping Drills

These Drills will develop your leaping skill and ability.  When you combine these drills with high kicks you have flying kicks!  They’ll also strengthen your lower legs, abdomen and build your endurance.  This is your calorie burning, cardio workout!

Duck Walk
Bunny Hops
Toad Hops
Frog Leaps
Crane Hops
Crane Stance, step, leap and land in Crane Stance
Crane Leaps
Cannon Balls

Here are some of the combat leaps you’ll practice.  Any of these leaps could be practiced stressing the qualities of length, height, both height and length, and also low and fast.  This leaps are ones you’ll use in the forms fo Northern Shaolin and Lan Shou.

Forward Leap (Bow Stance to Bow Stance)
Rear Leap (Bow stance to Bow stance)
Sideways  Leap (Horse Stance to Horse Stance)
Spinning Leap (Horse Stance to Horse Stance)
Spinning Leap (Twisted Horse Stance to Twisted Horse Stance)

Leaping is important to avoid obstacles and to rapidly reposition oneself.  Good leaping skill could save your life or the life of someone else someday.