Northern Shaolin is famous for its kicking style.  Northern Style Kicking can be divided into three main levels.  You’ll learn all of these as you are ready for them.

Low Kicks – Low Kicks attack targets below the waist. Low kicks are were you’ll begin these help to develop your balance and foot positions.  these are the mos practical for self defense.  Low Kicks include the following:
Low Toe Kick (Stiletto Kick)
Low Side Kick
Reaping Kick
Dragon Kick
Reaping Kick, Side Kick Combination
Dragon Kick, Side Kick
Step in Side Kick
Dragon, Step in Side Kick
Low Side Kick with Heel Turn
Reaping Kick, Side Kick Combination with Heel Turn
Corkscrew Kick, Shuffle Step, Side Kick Combination
Triple Kick (Dragon Kick to the front, Side Kick to the side, Side Kick to the front)
Triple Side Kick

High Kicks – High Kicks attack targets above the waist.  There are ten kicks that you’ll frequently train listed below.  In addition, there are other combination kicks worthwhile training. You’ll practice lots of these kicks to master them.  High kicking training also builds core strength and endurance.  Each individual will also develop combinations of their own.
Stomp Kick
High Heel Kick
High Slicing Kick
High Toe Kick
High Front Side Kick
Behind the Shoulder Kick
Front Side Kick
Corkscrew Kick
Lotus Kick
Crescent Kick
Side Kick from the Horse stance
Rear Kick
Rear Thrust Kick
Spin Rear Thrust Kick
Bending Rear Heel Kick

Leaping Kicks – Leaping Kicks involve you leaping into the air as your kick or kicks are delivered.  This is an advanced level.  Once you’ve developed skill in high kicking and the leaping drills you’ll be ready.  Then you’ll really have fun!
Double Heel Flying Kick
Leaping Toe, Heel Flying Kick
Leaping Double Toe Flying Kick
Leaping Toe, Crescent Flying Kick
Flying Lotus Flying Kick
Tornado (Flying) Kick
Triple (Flying) Kick
Butterfly of Swallow Kick