Physique of the Northern Shaolin Artist

Northern Shaolin is one of the most athletic of all styles of martial arts.

Northern Shaolin focuses long stances and steps, kicking, long range strikes and overwhelming agility and athleticism.  Certainly Northern Shaolin contains an encyclopedia of techniques, many well suited to less nimble people, but it does also include all those really hard moves most other styles quail in fear of even attempting.

Fortunately, martial arts is systematic and developmental.  We start easy and gradually build up our skills and abilities.

Since the movements of the forms are so numerous and diverse if you simply practice all the forms regularly you will get in fantastic shape and develop an awesome physique.

It is also fun and really beneficial to train specific foundation skills to enhance your performance in each of these areas. The pages in this section look at those skills and abilities:

Core Power explains how to gain the power you need to make your sparring and applications real.

Core Skills teaches you the alphabet of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu – Your Foundation.