First Presbyterian Church in San Anselmo  Web page text

Church social halls have always been one of my favorite places to practice martial arts.

For many years my Sifu, Grandmaster Wong Jackman taught at the First Unitarian Church in Oakland.  Like most church social halls it was a large beautiful room with a great wooden floor, high ceilings, big windows and a warm friendly sacred feeling.

Back in the 1980‘s when I studied at the First Unitarian Church with Sifu Wong sometimes the church organist would practice on the wonderful church organ.  He usually didn’t play the hymns for Sunday.  Normally he would play modern French compositions and classical organ pieces.  These were dramatic pieces of music.  It was easy (and fun) to imagine we were in the belly of Captain Nemo’s Submarine 20,000 leagues below the sea.

Duncan Hall of the First Presbyterian Church in San Anselmo is just such a hall.  Beautiful wood floor, high ceilings, about 3000 square feet, and great light make it a perfect practice space.  Three restrooms and a beautiful new kitchen complete the space.

We have plenty of room for people to freely express their movements and even practice with long weapons and do weapons two person forms.

Nestled behind the San Anselmo downtown area there is plenty of free parking at all times.

There is also a classic Notre Dame Cathedral style Labyrinth painted on the floor.  The kids don’t really “Walk the Labyrinth” in a slow meditative state….  They run it, at full speed, laughing and giggling, as they try to make the tight turns, and not fall over, or run into one another.

This is actually one of the nicest halls in the entire Ross Valley.  I know because when I was looking for a place to teach I looked at every single Hall I could find.  I hope you come and visit us here and enjoy this wonderful room as much as I do.