Break Grabs
Break Grabs are techniques to break free of an opponents attempts to grab you.  These are relatively easy to learn and use leverage so a small person can free themselves from the grasp of a larger person.  You learn how to escape four main types of grabs.  The opponent grabs your wrist, the opponent grabs your throat, the opponent grabs your waist,  and the opponent grabs you from behind.   For each of these there is more than one way to escape and they all work.

Covering Up and Blocking
Covering up and blocking are basic defensive skills that protect you from someone who is trying to strike or kick you.  To block an opponents punch or kick you strike the opponents arm or leg with your forearm.  Proper blocks not only stop the attack but also injure the attacker.  There are four main blocks and three double blocks.  In double blocks you use both of your arms to protect yourself against a powerful blow.  To cover up you raise your arms in front of your body creating a wall with your arms that prevents the opponent from striking your head, throat or abdomen.

Dodging means moving out of the way of the opponents blow.  I teach my students how to dodge blows approaching them from all angles.  Because you’ll train these drills almost every class and you’ll become very hard to hit or grab.  When you dodge you can counter punch with tremendous force as the opponent moves into your strike at the exact moment that they thought they were going to hit you.  Dodging avoids strength versus strength contests and allows a smaller person to defeat a larger person.  We wear high quality Everlast brand boxing gear and mouth pieces and we do not punch hard during these drills.  Because we wear safety equipment, start out slowly, and care for our partners no one gets hurt.  We focus on control and awareness.

Low Kicking
Low kicking is the most effective self defense technique for most people.  You can kick someone in the knee or groin before they can reach you with their hands even if they are taller than you.  If someone is threatening you, you can disable them and run away.  If you combine low kicking with dodging and good stepping you can defend yourself, even if you don’t have huge muscular arms!  In fact, in these methods easily short circuit most fighters trained at sport schools because low kicking is illegal in all sport arts.  They do not train low kicking or prepare to fight against low  kicks.  Because you’ll spend lots of time on these drills you’ll becomes quite skillful at them!


Of course for you to practice dodging and blocking someone else has to throw punches. This is great training in punching because you are learning to punch someone who is moving and trying to avoid you.   In addition you are wearing 16 oz punching gloves.  This added weight builds strength and endurance.  When you take your gloves off you are going to be punching much faster.