Kung Fu Fighting Self-Defense

Kung Fu is not a sport. Kung Fu was developed by professional warriors for battlefield supremacy. It is devastating for Self Defense. Sports have rules to protect the fighters from injury so the fights last a long time, long enough to be entertaining. In the street, you may be fighting to survive and to protect your family! This is a different scenario and requires different tactics. Kung Fu has the tactics and the training you need.

At 10,000 Victories School you will learn practical skills that could save your life or the lives of your family.

The Four Foundation Self-Defense Skills at 10,000 Victories

You training will include the following elements:

Break Grabs –

Break Grabs are techniques to break free of an opponent’s attempts to grab you.

Covering Up and Blocking –

Covering up and Blocking are basic defensive skills that protect you from someone who is trying to punch or strike you.

Dodging –

Dodging means moving out of the way of the opponent’s blow.

Low Kicking –

Low kicking is the most effective self defense technique for most people.

Additional Training for Self-Defense

Then you will learn two –person forms, advanced self-defense skills and free sparring.

Two Person Forms

Two person forms are routines practiced with a partner. Two Person Forms Training Complements to Free Sparring DrillsIn these mock battles you know what is going to happen next and learn how to use and escape from many different techniques. Two person forms are a wonderful complement to free sparring drills.

Tumbling and Rolling

Hitting the ground hurts. Learning how to tumble and roll will help you avoid injury. I teach my students to roll out of falls into a fighting stance. In a real street fight you don’t want to end up on the ground. There is often more than one opponent and soon as you go down, they start kicking you. This is bad. In addition, I teach a whole series of kicking and leg trapping techniques designed to be done from the ground against a standing opponent. These can easily disable an attacker and allow you to roll away, stand up, and run.

Free Sparring

Free Sparring Drills are the closest to real fighting. You do not know what your partner is going to do next and they are not cooperating with you like in two person drills! There are rules that structure the play and help keep things safe. No one hurts their training partners because we practice with control. Besides, they are our friends! There are six different levels in free sparring.

Free sparring with low kicks
Free sparring with hand techniques
Free sparring with high Kicks
Free sparring with sweeps, trips and takedowns
Sparring with throws
San Shou – Northern Shaolin and Lan Shou Boxing with all techniques

If you would like to become an expert in self defense this program will give you the skills you need. You will become confident and capable of defending yourself.