Self Confidence

When you become skillful in self defense your main benefit is self confidence!

When you know how to use leverage to break free from someone else grabbing you and have practiced these maneuvers many times you will not be afraid of someone  else grabbing you.  You might not like it but you will feel confident that you can quickly break free.

When you know how to dodge someone trying to strike you and have practiced these  skills until you can  consistently dodge the punches and kicks of trained martial artists you will feel confident of dodging the attacks of other people.

When you have practiced  kicking peoples legs or groin before they the can touch, grab or strike you will know you have power and ability to stop an attacker and make your escape.

Learning these skills changes situations that would be fearful in to situations where you can act with confidence and power.  You may still be  scared but you will have the tools.

Mental Strength – Kung Fu Mind

When you learn self defense your mind becomes stronger and you are better able to face other challenges in life.  It will be much harder for other people to intimidate you. This includes people who may try to bully you emotionally.  Like your boss or pushy obnoxious people at the grocery store or airport!

Situational and spatial awareness

When you learn self defense you become more aware of the people around you.  One of the keys to self defense is being aware of the situation around you.  If you are aware of what is going on around  then you can avoid trouble.  The best self defense is being some where else!   You will also develop awareness of the space around your body and the area that you are in.  This is helpful in sparring but also in not bumping into things in your own home!