Lohan #3 Buddha Palm Style of Kung Fu
Lohan #3 is an expert level form that continues the Lohan emphasis on powerful
punching and dynamic kicking. Lohan #3 is a medium length form of about 60 moves.
Lohan #3 adds more spins to the punches thrown in Lohan #1 and #2. These dynamic
spins add more power and different strategies to the Lohan arsenal. Other techniques
found in Lohan #3 include palm strikes, pulls, and penetrating palms striking with the
finger tips.
On the leg side, Lohan #3 has high kicks, bold leaping, ground sweeps and flying kicks
all used in dense combinations.
The first day I saw sifu Wong Jackman teaching in San Francisco he performed part of
this form while teaching a student. I was incredibly impressed and remembered it until
years later I was learning those moves myself. I hope one day you will also be learning
this form!