Peter Ralston

Peter Ralston was my first Chinese martial arts teacher.  I began studying with Ralston when I was 16.  This was a fascinating 1970’s martial arts school.  We trained lots of sparring, push hands and various sensitivity and self defense skills.  Training was much rougher than I commonly see these days.  For example, Ralston and my classmates broke my nose 5 times!  ( In case you’re wondering, my dodging is much better these days!)

From Master Ralston, I learned Xing Yi Quan, Tai Chi Chuan and Northern Shaolin, Judo, Cheng Hsin Boxing, Iron Shirt Qi gong and Iron Palm.

Master Ralston is a complex and interesting man.  Perhaps someday in the future I will have time to relate some stories about my days at his school.

Possessing excellent fighting spirit and skills Ralston was the first westerner to win the Kuo Shu World Championship in Taipei Taiwan in 1978.  These were fierce full contact tournaments with little padding and open to all asian styles.

Ralston also had a deep interest in philosophy both western and eastern, particularly ontology, Zen, and Taoism.  Master Ralston demonstrates considerable skill in the mental and subtle energetics of Chinese martial arts and combat.