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Northern Shaolin Kung Fu

The Original Hardcore Workout

Northern Shaolin

Although kept secret for many years the Northern Shaolin system was shared with the public by Grandmaster Ku Yu Cheong.  Grandmaster Ku is famous as being the greatest master of Iron Palm of all time and also as a tremendous fighter.  All current practitioners of Northern Shaolin are deeply indebted to him for his generosity in sharing his art with the public.

Art of Northern Shaolin

Northern Shaolin Artists embody and express their art.

Practicing the forms, seeking to perfect the forms, they perfect their bodies and perfect their movement.

Northern Shaolin is an art of movement and being, found in fighting and forms.  Without forms one has no technique and no body methods to use in fighting.  Without fighting experience your forms will be largely empty.

Northern Shaolin forms are amongst the most athletic, impressive and artistic training routines of all martial arts.  The forms of Northern Shaolin both look cool and feel great to practice.

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